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Camion pipa combustible                 
Stadis 450|Prist Hi Flash|Shell Water Detector pdf files



Good Year - Jet Ranger  Video

Aircraft refueling hose. Shell water detector. Six pack microseparometer. Velcon filters. Jet fuel conductivity meter
Jet Ranger™ - fueling and defueling aircraft hose
Jet Ranger page


Used in the fueling and defueling of commercial and private aircraft. Resistant to jet fuel and higher aromatic aviation gasolines. Also for use on hydrant service. Meets both API...

Platinum Jac Riser hose specs. PDF

  PDF specs with pictures

Epoxy coated stainless steel fuel sample bucket  and fuel sample cans catalog in PDF

  Epoxy coated stainless steel fuel sample bucket

  Aviation refueling hoses. Couplings.  PDF file

 Elaflex  equivalent. Jet Ranger. Good Year.
 Grounding reels_Static_charge_grounding_reel

 6 pack microseparometer test

 Jet fuel Conductivity Meter

Fuel truck (refueloing truck) parts

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Quality Control of Jet Fuel.
de calidad de gasolina de  aviacion.


Piezas para camion pipa de combustible. Pulsar.
Camion pipa combustible

Velcon Aviation fuel filters
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Velcon Aviation fuel filters
Velcon Aviation fuel filter separators

Good Year - Wingcraft Video

Aircraft refueling hose. Shell water detector. Six pack microseparometer. Velcon filters. Jet fuel conductivity meter
 Wingcraft™ aircraft fueling and defueling hose    Wingcraft page


For fueling or defueling commercial and private aircraft. It handles jet fuel and the higher aromatic aviation gasolines...

PDF specs with pictures

Distributor of the
Shell Water Detector for the USA, the Caribbean and Latin America.

The Shell Water Detector

Shell Water Detector Resuts
Shell water Detector
Fail-Pass results

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Shell Water Detector Capsule kit box Shell Water Detector Capsule kit box-Height

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Shell water detector  

Jet Fuel Conductivity Meter

Six pack microseparometer 

Whittaker F-145 nozzle video

Velcon Filters

Aviation fuel quality control

Aviation fueling spare part

Grounding reels

Fluid handling catalog


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Aviation Refuelling Hoses
from Good Year. Specs and decriptions.

Aviation Refuelling  Hoses  with couplings. NPT Threats.  Supplied with Male x Male couplings.
Each assembly is provided with a Serial Number and a Certificate. Pressure tested.
Sizes: 1" , 1 1/4" ,  1 1/2" , 2" and 
2 1/2"

Aircraft refueling hose. Shell water detector. Six pack microseparometer. Velcon filters. Jet fuel conductivity meter

For overwing nozzles and single point nozzles (underwing nozzles)


Aviation fuel quality control

Grounding reels pictures

Aviation Refuelling Hoses

Whittaker F145 refueling nozzle

Fuel truck. Fuel truck parts

Velcon Aviation Fuel filters 

 Jac Riser. Fuel Suction hose.

Refueling Nozzles

  Spare Parts
  STADIS 450

Whittaker Nozzles. Meggitt Nozzles. Underwing refueling nozzles  

Video. E-mails us to watch this video.  Or click on link or picture above.
Whittaker_Meggitt  refueling.

Six pack microseparometer or
six pack  micro separometer.

Six pack microseparometer catalog.
Click on picture below.

Six pack microseparometer catalog Product Id: 11488
A box containing 6 Test Kits, commonly known as a "Six Pack" . WATER SEPARATION CHARACTERISTIC, FREE WATER AND PARTICULATE TESTING (ASTM Standard Test Methods D 3948 & D 4860).

Velcon Hydrokit HK-100-15. Test procedure. How to use the Velcon Hydrokit
Click on picture below.

 Velcon Hydrokit HK-100-15

Aircraft refueling hose fluid handling catalog. Miami, Florida


                                                                                       The Shell Water Detector      Fuel truck parts    
Camion pipa combustible


sales@aircraftrefuelinghose.com            or          aircraftrefuelinghose@gmail.com

  F-145 refuelling nozzle video


Aircraft refueling hose.
 Shell water detector.
Six pack microseparometer. Velcon Aviation fuel filters.
Jet fuel conductivity meter .

The Shell Water Detector

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Stadis 450|Prist Hi Flash|Shell Water Detector pdf files

Stadis 450. Prist Hi Flash. Shell Water Detector 
Quality Control

ARH Products

F145 underwing nozzle from Meggitt